Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Koi Fish Tattoos For Girls

Koi Fish Tattoo Art For Girls Koi Fish Tattoos are quickly growing in popularity. In fact many traditionalJapanese Tattoo Designs are Coming to Life with New Vivid Tattoo ink colors. Koi Fish Tattoo is a rapidly growing movement very similar to the west coast Koi Fish Tattoo style. The west coast Koi Fish Tattoo style started with the idea of taking older classic Koi Fish Tattoo themes Like anchors, hearts and etc and adding a ton of Koi Fish Tattoo bright, and beautiful inks to Koi Fish Tattoo. A few years back the west coast Koi Fish Tattoo style was about the hottest thing in tattoos.

Koi Fish Tattoos For Girls

However many people are not satisfied to stick with what everyone else has already done Koi Fish Tattoo and most people that get Koi Fish Tattoo want them to be unique and different. Therefore Koi Fish Tattoo artists are always on the look out for new Koi Fish Tattoo designs.

The Top 5 Sexy Tattoo Ideas For Women

Getting a tattoo is a very important and personal decision. Tattoos are permanent marks on your skin that cannot be undone without spending a lot of money on expensive cosmetic surgery procedures. It is important to not only get the right tattoo, but to get them in the right place. Before you go to your tattoo parlor and mark your skin for life, you need to carefully decide where you want it placed. Here are the 5 most popular places to have a tattoo.
First, the belly button is one of the places where many women choose to get a tattoo. People will be able to get a peek when you wear short shirts and low rider jeans. A good way to enhance a belly button tattoo is to get a belly button ring.
The next most popular place that women choose to get tattooed is their lower back. This area, also known as the tailbone is a great canvas. The area is large and smooth and easy to show off with a great pair of jeans.
The third most popular area for a tattoo is one that is not so obvious, but it is the ankle. There's just something about showing a bit of your tattoo when you pair heels and sandals with a short skirt that hints at a bit of mystery about you.
The fourth most popular area for a tattoo is on your hip. This is a good choice if your tattoo is more private. The only person who will see your tattoo is your partner and this can be an incredible turn on.
Finally, the fifth most commonly chosen area is the upper back. A mark on your shoulder blades can be incredibly sensuous. A slip of your shawl or top will reveal your tattoo and wet people's appetite for more.

Sexy Tattoo Ideas